Nail Enamel


Layn L.

The last few times I used this one, I had a big problem with it staining. Not my nails, but any tiny bit of skin I got it on while working on my nails and it stayed stained for days. I bought this thinking it would be a nice plain black (though if you look closely it has tiny silver glitter in it) and ended up with a disaster. Go for it if you're more careful than I am, but beware.

Nicole T.
I think i love it

I think i love it cause this is far by the cheapest and nicest nail polish brands in my country,and this nail polish in 'Black Lingerie' is a really good black color for me,it doesn't chip really easily and the brush tip is really fine,which is really good cause you can carefully use it to avoid over painting to your outer nails,i just love all of Revlon's nail polishes :D

Bama R.
great for layering!

I layered this with wet n wild's party of five nail polish and it's gorgeous! Love all Revlon polishes! Black lingerie is a deep black polish. When you apply, you have to use a little bit at a time, or it will smudge/run. With the smudging/running, I still love the color. This polish is just as good or even better than some of the higher priced nail polishes. If you haven't tried this polish yet, you need to :)