Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eyeshadow


Mizz Mea M.

OK I have all of these colors and love them all. I love these shadows they are so shimmery and applys with ease. A very good buy. If you are thinking of purchasing it do it you will love it.

Victoria D.
Looks gorgeous in the pan...

These look amazing in the pan. Gorgeous, glittery, pigmented. Everything I want. However, upon application, all of that falls short. I though I was getting a dark, glittery plum colored eyeshadow. What I really got, was a super light wash of a plum-ish color, with tons of glitter fallout. I really wanted to love these. But my only solution thus far has been to use them ontop of the actual colors I want. Disappointed, but not disappointed to take them back I guess.