Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain


Meaghan S.
Amazing lip stain !

These are amazing, im not a fan of minty smell, but i love the smell of these.. weird i know.. anyways, this color lasts about 2ish hours on me, which is fine, i reapply my lip products thru out the day anyways, so no big deal, the price is right forsure, they r a cimplete dupe for the clinique chubby sticks, and are soo much more affordable then the clinique onces and the color pigmentation from theses is exactly what i expected.. they are perfect for my lips and give the color i want. I own sweatheart and honey, i like honey better as it is a bit darker and i can do a neutral eye and vamp up my look with a darker lip with these, they are best applied after a lip balm of any sort.

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Amelia R.

These are so moisturizing. I swear Revlon makes the most moisturizing lip products and I love it. I hope to purchase more of these because they are amazing. I love how mine stays on all day and how it's so neutral. If you don't have one of these I highly suggest getting at least one!

Hope E.
Must have!

This color honey has to be my everyday lip. Definitely a "my lips but better" product. very moisturizing and recommend this particular to many friends who end up loving it

Miranda L.

Revlon continues to show it knows lip products well! I can't get enough of these. Honey is my go to shade. I love how they last and the minty smell to them. Awesome product!

Victoria D.

I picked up only one of these, the stain balm thing sounded like exactly what I was looking for, and I absolutely love it. Honey is very light and sheer, but it provides a noticable pinky color that isn't too overpowering for me. It's ridiculously easy to use, and does not dry out my lips like normal lip stains do. The color does last for a few hours, I'd give it about 5 hours. But I like to re-apply about every two or three hours, just as a habit, and for upkeep on my lip color. It's almost too good to be true really! I need more shades!

Vanessa W.

I like the colour selections on these! The idea is really great to have a balm but also a lip stain. I still prefer my Clinique chubby sticks because after a couple hours, these Revlon ones feel dry on my lips and this never happens with any of my Revlon lip products. I still like the shades I bought so I'll just use this then swab gloss overtop, it's saveable!

Theresa G.
Great for on the go

I really like these for on the go when I am in a rush. I own 4 shades which are all very sheer. The pigmentation I thought would be much better. They feel like a lip balm and I love that I don't need to sharpen them. But as a repurchase I highly doubt I would.