Rae Morris

Signature Kabuki Set


Jacqueline H.
Iconic Brushes Indeed!
Photo of product included with review by Jacqueline H.

I am obsessed with makeup brushes; they are the tools of my trade, and I truly and deeply appreciate the craftsmanship behind well made brushes. I primarily use Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo, and Kevyn Aucoin brushes, and once I saw Rae's magnetic collection, I knew I had to have them.

This collection is not her first, and when designing this particular range, she was not only trying to to produce a revolutionary brush range, she wanted to revolutionize the ‘value for money’ aspect by producing superior products for a very reasonable prices. Rae wanted a, 'range comparable with the best in the world, with magnetic functionality, but at a MAC (brush) price (I’m not asking for much am I?!)'

You know what? She did just that with these brushes. In this set you get the Deluxe and Mini Kabuki, The Ultimate Cheekbone, the Square Kabuki, and the Flawless Shader. The brush pictured on the farthest left is her Radiance brush, and the shadow brush #11 on the far right does not come with this set. I also purchased the Rae Plate, the Magnetic Kabuki and Radiance holders which are also sold separately.

The Deluxe and Mini Kabuki brushes are comprised of goat bristle. They are shaped beautifully and are surprisingly dense, and because of the type of bristle paired with the density of the brushes, you will get medium to heavy product pick up and deposit. They produce just beautiful washes of color in the most efficient manner. Both brushes are multifunctional as well: You can use them to apply powder and cream products: Bronzer, blushes, and with the right amount of pressure applied on the correct angle, they can also be used to contour, highlight and blend. The key here is not to be heavy handed and press or jam these brushes to either the product or the skin; they will do the work for you. My favorite brush in this collection is the Ultimate Cheekbone. With this brush you can contour and shade with powder products. You can really pop the cheekbones by coming directly under the cheekbone, and you don't have to coat the entire brush with product..you can kind of flick or pop the brush in a slight upwards motion, and then change the angle and swipe the brush through the temple. The simple motions one makes with this brush can really pop the bone structure. The Flawless Shader is a crescent shaped brush that can be used to define the jaw line, apply and blend bronzer, and it would make a great finishing brush as well because it can be moved in a small circles to buff and blend by holding the top edge of the crescent to the skin. The Square Kabuki.... Makes a great under eye brush. You can use it to blend concealer, contour, and this brush will take any hard edges off any product lines on the face. They key to this brush....don't move it in circular motions, you want to move it vertically or side to side.

When applying makeup, the product(s) and the actual shape of the brushes are not the only things that matter: Technique is everything. What makes brushes so much fun is the fact you can change the angles you use, modify your stroke lengths, etc. etc. and you will discover additional uses for your brushes... I strongly suggest watching the video's associated with the given brushes here on Beautylish. Watch how Rae moves her hands and how delicate her movements are. Her brushes are purposeful, well balanced(weighted), and sturdy. I want more of them. :)

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Annette M.
Truly Smashint Set

I LOVE this Kabuki set as much as I love my Wayne Goss, Chikuhodo, Suqqu brushes, etc! The bristles are soft but more importantly this set is truly functional. My fav brush is the slanted contour brush. This brush is a dream when applying contour. You apply the contour powder to the shorter bristles and let the longer bristles blend the contour. The brush picks up the right amount of powder. I love it. The other similar brush is amazing as well for blending. I love both the white goat hair brushes. They are a bit denser than my Chikuhodo and Goss brushes and now I have more variety of densities to choose from without losing the softness. The small Kabuki brush is cute...but I haven't found any way to use it that I feel is functional. For the price point, I think this set is a steal. Rae Morris knocked it out of the park with this set of brushes!!!

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Sylvia P.
awesome brushes

I am extremely happy with these brushes. They glide onto the skin like butter. The magnets at the bottom keep them organized while I work. All aspects of the design has met the purpose of each brush to perfection. I am buying the rest of the collection and I hope they are as great as these initial 5. I am a professional makeup artist and will have to wash them frequently... let's see how they hold up. Stay tuned for my review on the second wave :)

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Mayuri H.
This set enable a makeup enthusiast like me to create three dimensional look of my face.

There's a lot of makeup brushes out there but this set actually works well together to give me three dimensional makeup look that I covet. This set, in tandem with practicing the lessons in her master class book and watching some of her YT/Vimeo/IG tutorials actually lets me still look like me but more beautiful and confident.

The brush performed great on my dry, sometime flaky skin and does not shed, does not smell despite it being natural hair. Craftmanship of this set is truly stellar. With her 6.5 brush, this set is all I need for my 3 dimensional complexion look.

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amy h.
Very fun to use!

This set is very fun to use & great quality. Washes well. I find these face brushes unique to my collection. Interesting but as an avid brush cleaner, these cheek brushes practically have no product to clean off. Seems as if all of the product distributes on the face. I was amazed when cleaning on my white, microfiber towel, it stayed white! I'm really enjoying them & happy for my purchase.

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Rebecca D.
I can't believe how much I love them

I am very pleased with these brushes. They are a bit pricey, but so worth it. They are so soft and really do what they are supposed to do. All the brushes are amazing however I unexpectedly fell in love with the two kabuki brushes. My blush application is on another level now that I am using the larger kabuki brush and the smaller one is perfect for highligting.

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Song K.
A good value set

I wanted to try out the flat kabuki brushes so decided to buy this set because of the value. The three flat brushes are pretty impressive ( soft, functional, doesn't shed) but not the other two goat hair (white) brushes (not very soft and similar to other brands). My favorite is the contour and the square brushes. Even though I wasn't too impress with two of the brushes in this set, by buying this set, one of the brush was free :)

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A W.
Great for Contouring!

I am no makeup expert, but these brushes make contouring super easy for me. I can create a natural and effortless look. I mainly use the Ultimate Cheekbone and Flawless Shader for contouring. I use the Deluxe Kabuki for blush and the Mini for highlighting. The quality is also excellent. I am glad Beautylish still carries this natural goat hair set!

Rachel H.
Photo of product included with review by Rachel H.

Rae morris brush quality is very good, detailed workmanship is beautiful, like art. The texture of the bristles is very good, and the powder grasping power and the powder releasing power are great when applying makeup, so it is recommended.