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Quintessence Paris Ambre product smear.

Quintessence Paris



About Ambre

This sensual perfume mixes Peru balsam with spicy notes of cinnamon. A few floral drops of Bulgarian rose leave you with a promise of a warm night.

  • Top Notes: Rose, Cistus Labdanum
  • Heart Notes: Oud, Cinnamon
  • Base Notes: Peru Balm, Tolu Resin
How To Use
Before lighting your candle

Avoid to place your candle into an airstream: the wax could melt down irregularly and the wick could move away from the center. For the candles with several wicks, light systematically all the wicks. The whole surface has to burn in a homogeneous way.

During the burning

Don’t exceed two or three hours of burning. It could spoil the fragrance. You can blow out your candle when its whole surface is liquefied and even. This will suffice to release the perfume. Keep the flame from burning until the bottom of your glass: it could overheat. Let 0.5cm of wax on the end of the glass.

After blowing out your candle

To avoid any smoke when you are lighting out it, dip the wick in the wax, then put it out and move it in the center. To prevent the candle from smoking, we recommend “snuffing” it by cutting off the charred tip of the wick.

Other Details
  • Size: 140 g