Physicians Formula

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner, Pop Collection


Nikki S.
I love this palette!

Most of the colors in this are really nicely pigmented. I don't have green eyes, but I love it anyway. This palette had the most variety of colors and is just so beautiful. I love all the colors. The two greens in this are beautiful, and I use the blue as an inner corner highlight a lot as well! I recommend this palette to everyone, don't just worry about buying the one for your eye color, have fun with it!

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Victoria D.

Truth be told, I was expected a litttleee more from these shadows. For starters, every shadow has the same finish. Shimmery and frosty. And that's absolutely fine, but with 9 shades, some variety always helps. As for pigmentation, not so wonderful. But again, great if you're looking for a more sheer, frosty finish for something. It's definitely possible to make them work, but it's gonna take a little bit of effort on your end. I'm sure they would look better over some sort of sticky base, as compared to eyeshadow primer alone which is what I used with them. I returned mine. And I probably won't bother to try another one.