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Laurie E.
Great Color - does not stay on

I bought Strumpet and Stalker. I love the colors, the ease and the little amount needed. But these lipsticks do not stay on - they fade to just a memory in less than two hours. I bought them both for the reported "staying" power I wasn't that lucky. Everything else is spot on.

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Mawal S.

I was in the market for a good red lipstick and I stumbled upon the OCC lip tar. I bought this lip tar about a month ago for homecoming for $16 on Sephora.com and I have had ups and downs with this product. So lets get straight into this review, shall we? First of all, what you get in the tube is exactly what you get on your lips. It's a very pigmented lip tar and you will not be disappointed with the results. Also, don't be deceived by the size of this lip tar, because the tiniest drop truly goes a long way. Couple of other reasons why I like it is that it is a 100% vegan, and it comes with a small lip brush so you can apply it seamlessly. Now to the cons. On the paper it comes with, it says, "Ultra Long Lasting", now this is true and false. It's true if you buy the primer (which is another $16) , but it's false if you use the product alone. I used it alone and with in couple of hours dancing the night away it disappeared. One last thing, when I used it for the first it made my lips feel tingly and it smelled a bit minty, but by the second use that feeling and scent was none existent. All in all I would recommened this product and I would buy the primer if it really does make it last longer, because it is a hassel trying to reply it.

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