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Lip Tar

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Samm B.

This is a perfect every day color for me. It's not too orange and it's not too pink. It lasts ALL day too. I'm not a fan of lip glosses but these are literally what they are called. It's EXTREMELY pigmented so you only need the smallest drop out of the tube. The other colors it have and love equally as much are black dahlia, anime, nsfw, and Anita. It's also great to blend colors together to create a new look!

Arait M.
I've seen better

Have you read that a little goes as long way...well this is totally true!!! Even though its not necessary, for those of use with darker lips or who need to sculpt our lips I suggest lining your lips prior to using the product. My pet peeves are that you need to use a brush to apply this, also it tends to dry out after awhile (Not cute) but that's what touch ups are for. On my first attempt I put just a little too much and ended up cleaning it off my teach (doesn't taste nice either lol). But all in all it is a nice product and does have a build-able opaque coverage... Ive bought/tried most of the theme but Hoochie and Grandma were my favs (ombre lips)

Estee E.
Best coral lip color out there.

Awesome coral lip color that is out there right now. The formulation is perfect, the color is to the "T", and this will last you for a very long time. You only need a small amount (drop or 2) and depending on the size of your lips, that maybe too much. Mix this with a lipgloss and its a perfect summer color.

Cristina L.
Not what mines would wear!!

Im so facinated by this shade/color, its the perfect summer lipgloss/lipstick combination for me, my skin its normally dry, but I dont have any of that issues. I have the new presentation because I just bought them two weeks ago in Camera Ready Cosmetics, San Diego store for 14.50dlls ea. First its a little glossy but once its dry it is like satin. It stays on me for about 5hours aprox.