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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Lip Tar


Leslee P.
Extremely Pigmented

Hm...what to say, what to say. The thing that's great about the lip tars is that they are in a category all their own! There's no other liquid lipstick out there so pigmented and colorful! That being said, I don't think they are very practical. The colors are vibrant, but I mainly spend my time in an office where I can't wear bright and crazy lip colors. Also, if you get any on your teeth, good luck! It look me a while to get it all off :(

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Hannah B.
Has great lasting power, but drying

I love O.C.C. liptars! I'm looking to get more because of the color selection and longevity. The only thing that I dislike about them is that they are drying, even after adding the clear topcoat/basecoat of clear liptar. That being said, most liquid lipsticks I have used are drying and it isn't different in that aspect. This one just wears way better than any that I've tried. I

Lea S.
Super pigmented

On top of being vegan, these lip tars are incredibly pigmented. For a great colour I suggested getting one of these! Only warning is to exfoliate your lips and apply a conditioner or lip balm before to ensure that you get an even sweep of colour

Elana S.
BEYOND divine

Attention beauty gurus! I have NO CLUE how i went on without these in my beauty routine for so long. I CANNOT begin to explain how amazing these are. You can honestly eat all the food in the world, and your lips will look beyond fab. Warning that this is a tad drying, so make sure to have your fave balm by your side. Lastly, remember A LITTLE GOES A LOOOOONG WAY. First time i tried it, it squirted on my mirror. My mirror is currently still covered in pink tar. Learn from my mistakes beauty babies!