NYX Cosmetics

Single Eyeshadow


Megan B.

AH! I love this eyeshadow! Want to know something? This is a complete dupe for MAC's satin taupe! i use this and it is absolutly amazing. I definently reccomend this if you want MAC's satin taupe because it is the exact same! And they are so much cheaper! They are pigminted and go on smoothly! I use this one for my crease sometimes ,and I love it!

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Raelee X.

I love these eyeshadows, I only have a few of them but from what I do have, I've found that they are really nice! the pigmentation is great, they blend together very nicely, and they are incredible for their price! I've really been wanting to get quite a few more of these shadows. My favorite as of now is "Iced Mocha"

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Susana E.

I really had never tried NYX eyeshadows and i have two that my friend gave me as a gift...One of them is Iced Mocha! It's a lovely eyeshadow! NYX eyeshadows have become one of my favorite eyeshadows to use on a daily basis! =)