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Single Eyeshadow


Brandy W.

I think Nyx make the best black matte eyeshadow ever.I love really dark black eyeshadows and most of the other brands add gray,shimmer,or ashy type color to it.I don't mind it,i just want something thats really black.

Taina M.
Extreme Color Payoff

Wow..this is really black. I wanted to love this shadow but I personally found this specific shadow hard to blend..It is very pigmented which is probably the reason it doesn't blend well. I use it mostly as a eyeliner WHEN I do use it which is pretty rare.

Letikia T.

This is a good eyeshadow for setting liquid liner and cutting the crease. Nice texture of product last a long time when you use the jumbo pencils as a base.

Ashley M.

I love the richness of this black, and the fact that it didn't cost thirteen dollars, but I had MASSIVE amounts of fallout with it. I know the whole 'do your eyes first' trick, but even after I've finished with everything I get little black flecks on my cheeks which are impossible to get rid of without getting black streaks all across my face.

Drea L.
Photo of product included with review by Drea L.

It's AMAZING - It lasts a long time and always stay true to its color. It has a very decent amount of pigment. It goes on a really nice black and it's really easy to control how dark you want it to look. I use this EVERY time I go out and I've had it for over 2 years. It lasts SOO long! I use this as liner & shadow, it's great! Plus, I love the little packaging. I would definitely recommended this to EVERYBODY.

BLACK used as liner & shadow,

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Mariana C.

I love this eyeshadow, it's afordable and quite good! Although, my black one fall out a little bit when I'm lining my upper lid with an angled brush, and that's what makes it not sooo good, but I like it!