NYX Cosmetics

Retractable Eye Liner


Julianne J.
Yay! First colorful liner in like ever!

So as I've gotten better with makeup application I've been getting into brighter colors, especially in the waterline. I'm obsessed with aqua liners in the waterline and lashline, especially in contrast to a terracotta lid shade for example. I really want to try Stila's aqua colored liners, (liquid and pencil form) but because I gotta get my makeup on the cheap, I decided to check this out. The color pay-off is pretty good, and with two swipes its opaque. The shimmer is nice, but I'd prefer a matte turquoise color. I set the liner with UD's Painkiller, a bright blue shadow, to prevent any possible creasing. I like that this is cheap, pretty pigmented, retractable, and you get a nice amount for a low price. NYX has become one of my go-tos for affordable yet satisfying makeup. Can't wait to play around with this shade more- its great for playing with contrasting colors or textures around the eye. I also used it to make a bindi/face decorations and it wasn't half bad! Most of my liners are neutral so its nice to have one colorful liner!

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