Rachel G.
all year around affordable tan !

I'm a HUGE bronzer addict to began with. I usually do not have a "favorite" UNTIL I started using this one. I always end up going with something inexpensive. I tried this bronzes because A LOT of MAC make up artists have recommended it. this bronzer made my skin look tan. NOT orange and not blotchy. it also looked natural. I'm in love. this is my official favorite. :)

Hannah C.
Perfectly Matte

I use this bronzer on a daily basis because it's so easy to use! It's so perfectly matte (just as every bronzer should be!) and is great at faking a little extra sun.

I only wish it were a little more velvety, as it's a bit powdery. Still great application and color pay off none-the-less!

I highly recommend!

Nicholas T.
Love it

THis bronzer is an amazing product both good for contouring and also for bronzing and warming up the skin tone. Good color pay off and very pigmented. The texture is absolutely fine anda really good investment in a product...

Toni C.

Love how it's matte, but not flat! It gives a good, skin-like glow to the face, blends well and easy to apply with an angled contour or tapered brush. It's not harsh and stays in place during the day!

Jess M.
Only ok

Ehh this was a good all over bronzer for when my face was too light for my Body. I am neutral leaning towards cool toned and all these colors are very warm. Not good for contouring for me. I wish that this was the right shade for me because the mirror is great and you get a lot of product!

Veronica T.
Good price, no versatile shades like neutral and cool.

I am a cool toned skin woman, and I love me some bronzer. Unfortuanetly these NYX bronzers only come in warm shades that are more orange and come off unnatural on my olive cool toned skin.