NYX Cosmetics

Long Lip Pencil


Raisa J.
MAC DUPE at its finest

If you want the same quality of what a MAC lip pencil offers without having to dish out over 12 dollars for one, you are in luck. I have got about 4 of these babies and the colors are beautiful, your lipstick will stay put and it stays on for the day! I completely love NYX as an affordable High Quality brand.

Ariel H.

These liners are my fav! They have a wide range of different colors so its easy to find the right color to match any lipstick. They are very creamy and not dry at all. I also love how pigmented they are! Best of all, they are totally affordable.

Korie S.

Its inexpensive and does the job! What more could you ask for? These come with a good variety and the staying power of the lipliner awesome! The lip pencil in Natural is so pretty and is my go to lipliner.

Lynn R.

This lip liner works so well! It glides right on and makes my lips look so much more full. The colors are really nice too. Very inexpensive, so I'm definitely going to purchase more.