NYX Cosmetics

Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil


Cristina L.

Hi! If you are a Cruelty Free girl, and looking for a creamy base with a wide range of colors and affordable price, easy blending, this is it! For my dry skin it is perfect because I always need hydrate cosmetics, but if you have oily skin or lids, maybe you want to skip moisturizer when using it. Milk its my everyday product, it has tons of ways to use it, in the eyelids in the inner corners, cupids bow, brow bone, up my brows, water line..great right??

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Yasmin A.

I received this product in my Luxe Box and gave it a try today. Used it as a crease colour and over to the outer v, and under my lower lashes. Absolutely love the colour. It's so natural and the texture is so nice and creamy. Easily blendable too. I might just head out and buy more shades!

Anna D.

I really love this! I have black bean, milk, and iced mocha and they are just perfect! I sometimes just use iced mocha alone as my color and add a neutral shadow over it so it would stay longer, but I really do like it.(: I use milk in my inner corners and brow highlighter. These eyeliners are fantastic, but I feel the caps are a bit cheap. They all cracked for me and I had to use tape to hold them back together. But oh well, for such an amazing product, I'm willing to handle some cracked caps. (:

Morena M.
Great Bases!

These are great to use as bases under your eyeshadow. It helps to make eyeshadows brighter in colour and last longer. I would still use a little bit of primer underneath. When using these jumbo pencils as bases, it's important to apply only a thin layer as they will crease if you apply it on thickly.


Kennedy A.

This color looks amazing blended in under a brown smokey eye. Also, i've dipped an angled eyeliner brush in it and I've used it to apply on my water line, as eyeliner above my lashes, and to smudge out above my lashes. It has so many uses and is a great brown color. You can wear it alone as long as you don't apply too much, blend it in well, and applying a primer first never hurts.

Celeste R.
Cool for base not for regular wear!

I got this pencil and i love it for a neutral base but not just plain because it creases! :( but i did depot it and i found out that it was a bit easier to use i got mine for about $4.50 on amazon.com with free shipping so that was pretty good! im going to buy two more in milk and in black and i think those will work out better!!! hope this helps!

Maya C.

I bought two of these because everyone loves them, but I just can't get them to work for me! When applied alone, they're a complete disaster. They'll end up in the crease of your eye in a hot second. With a primer underneath, it'll last about 30 minutes longer, but still creases. With a primer under AND an eyeshadow on top, they last for about 2 hours. No matter what I do, I can't get them to work. It doesn't seem to matter how much product I put on or what I use to apply it, it just fails.