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Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil


Rebecca D.

French Fries is awesome!!! These are great for bases, or just to spice up an eye look. I love the pigmentation and the idea. I know this is not significant, but the names are really ugly!! Kind of a weird thing to notice, but its just something that popped into my head. One bad thing is that they do not last the whole day without a primer. Cream shadows are supposed to remove that step, which this one does not. I still love this product, and for the price, purchasing this item is a definite must!

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Rebecca B.
I need more!!!

I currently only have one, but French Fries is great! It's great for those days when I'm in a rush and it's a great base for my brown eyeshadows!

Aasheianaa L.

I have French Fries, Hot Pink and Electric Blue and I compeltely in love with them. They are easy to apply and dont crease......(with primer on)...Whenever i use any blue eyeshadow they seem to look a little green on me (dont know why) however Electric blue looks lovely...enjoying my jumbo pencils from NYX

Becky D.
Ridiculously fun to play with

I am obsessed with these pencils. They're so amazingly priced, and the are so incredibly high quality. The pigmentation in them is so great, and yet they're so blendable and buildable. I have 6 of them, in Milk, Black Bean, French Fries, Pacific, Purple Velvet and Cottage Cheese and they're all wonderful. I'm excited to get some of the newer ones, like Electric blue. You definitely need a base if you want to wear them without shadow over it. If you wear it with shadow over, it depends on your skin type. I tend to have slightly oily lids, and if I have a more simple eye look I can get away with just the shadow over the jumbo pencil and no primer. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves to have fun with color and cream shadows. So great!