NYX Cosmetics

Auto Eyebrow Pencil


Aldrie C. Team

I love this eyebrow pencil! It's great for eyebrow beginners like me. The color matches my hair and brows well and the pencil goes on nice and smoothly. It fills in the brows very well and it's easy to use. The brush is nice; not too hard and helps shape the brow nicely. I would recommend this product to anyone to fellow brow beginners!

Mary R.
My favorite!

I love this pencil with the brush. It's a great filler for missing strands and shapes them up nicely. I use the wonder pencil with it and my eyebrows are perfect! I don't want to go without so I purchased 2 extra just in case.

Romee H.
I re-purchase it!

I have pretty full and dark eyebrow, I use eyebrow pencil to lighten the eyebrow shade, black to dark brown. This NYX Retractable Eyebrow Pencil is super easy to use, give enough color to eyebrow, cover the missing spot naturally and brush is useful too. This is my second time punching this pencil, that means a lot!

Drea L.

Good consistency, it goes on very smoothly, long lasting. All I wanted in an eyebrow pencil. I'm a noob when it comes to eyebrow pencils but this is perfect. You really can't go wrong with this. Plus, it's dirt cheap.

DeShelle W.

This is my everyday Eye brow pencil, It's blendable and It's definitely easy to apply. and doesn't smudge. PICK THIS UPPPPP!!! I GUARANTEE YOU, YOU WILL LOVE IT!! if you use it right !Lol

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Julianne J.
Has become an everyday staple!

I am known to use products that aren't HG everyday, or when I do makeup. (Until I get sick of them and move onto something better, lol). They're pretty good and they become part of my everyday routine. Its easy to form habits! The color isn't spot on, as its a little red toned, but it blends in nicely. I like that the stub is retractable and has an interesting oval shape to cover more area. Its not super creamy, but not too dry. I don't use the brush on one side and I'm always pulling off the wrong cap because its two sided and one side has a brown cap, so I think that's the side with the pencil! Lol. I am still dying to use more ABH stuff, but I'm also really into NYX and super happy that they have a selection in my local CVS, better for me to sample away! I think why I find this pencil so useful and that I've used it everyday, even without other face makeup is that my eyebrows are not very dark, especially compared to my head hair. They appear lighter and a little sparser. I minimally groom using an eyebrow razor every 3 weeks and have been enjoying filling them in with this pencil everyday to maintain their shape, but also create the illusion of more "normal" brows, or else they sorta get lost on my face, and especially in pictures. I'd say get this if you're in need of a brow pencil because its cheap, easy to find, and nice to use before you splurge on a ABH product, for example. I don't use this pencil when doing a full face because its not dramatic enough, but for everyday, I like the natural look it provides. Try it out! I wouldn't call it HG but certainly "everyday".