Skin Clearing Liquid Makeup


Feagin O.
life saver

I have spent a couple of years testing out makeups after the brand I had used since I was twelve was discontinued. Thanks to my genetics, I am prone to breakouts, and I have oily skin with severely dry patches, a hard skin type to shop for. Neutrogena finally ended my search with this makeup. It's light and natural coverage hides up any blemishes I may have, keeps my skin moisturized, yet un-oily, all day, and on top of all this, my complexion has cleared up tremendously. Thanks to Neutrogena, my face looks better with and without makeup!

Sophie M.

Bought this last week and loved it. It stays on all day, and doesn't melt off your skin. It looks really nice and fresh on. Again I think this is great for oily/ combination skin since it has salicylic acid it in which helps preVent breakouts and helps to clear up the complextion. This is def my new favorite everyday makeup. I was impressed that this is a drug store foundation, I never have good luck with them. Usually drug store foundation are only great for dry skin. Keep in mind that I have no acne scars, and prefer a medium coverage foundation for work which what I use this for.

Catherine D.

I love this foundation. I have been wearing it for well over five years now, and I really like the coverage it gives, as well as the wear. The medicated aspect is an added bonus! The only downside it has is that I've found it can oxidize if I accidentally put too much on.

Emilie N.
Its okay..

I like this foundation but its coverage its light/medium. Over time it works for acne but it defiantly doesn't work right away. I do recommend this, but make sure you have the right color! The first one i got looked like the right color, but it was no where near my shade. I tried to blend it in, but it diddnt work so well. Other than that its pretty good!