Radiant Creamy Concealer


Tara B.

I use this product as a highlight underneath my eye every single day. I'm very light, but use a tanner foundation but I still picked chantilly which is very very light. It blends so smoothly but is also thick and gives a bright eyed, full coverage look. I definitely reckoned this product for a highlight but also as an everyday concealer for blemishes. Love!!

Rawrin R.

I love love love this product! It has super high coverage and drys matte! It's absolutely beautiful and so creamy! It covers those dark circles wonderfully!!! The price is high but I think it's worth it!

Myranda B.

This is heaven. The most perfect concealer ever!! It's so smooth & creamy, just like the name. It lasts forever & doesn't make lines or creases! & the coverage is so complete! I will never use any other concealer.

Lyndsie  T.

personally I like this concealer and wanted to Love it but the coverage is full but I'd say cakey you can definitely tell i have concealer on and it covers yet at the same times can still see my semi dark circles. its ok but maybe im not using correctly just not huge on this product.

Alli Rose G.
MUST HAVE for dark circles!!

I tried this on a whim. This is the best concealer ever for dark circles, summer, and light feeling coverage. I can mix this with moisturizer and get a full coverage face, without feeling like I'm wearing anything on my face. It's the perfect match for me. It covers my hereditary dark circles like magic. With this on, being in natural light and photographs are free of them. I can still see them in bad lighting. This last quite a long time with minimal creasing throughout a long school day. It's definitely worth the hefty price tag.