Radiant Creamy Concealer


Jani M.
The Best Undereye Concealer!

Nars is one of my favorite brands, and when they released a new concealer, I couldn't help but try it out. This is not only creamy like the name implies, but it's also extremely pigmented. You can use this under your eyes (which is my preferred method of use) or on dark spots throughout the face. This covers it all! I mainly use this under my eyes because it has this radiant glowy effect which makes it look like I've had more than enough sleep.

Erin S.

I love this concealer more than i have ever loved one, i only use nars concealers. its just absolutely perfect. so creamy and actually covers up my dark marks. you cannot go wrong with nars concealers!

Melissa S.
For my bright under eye

I love the Fact that it is so creamy and bendable, i put it under my eye to brighten them a bit, It is build able. I choose caramel because it is a tad bit darker than biscuit, biscut for me was way to light under my eye and you can see that in flash camera. But caramel for me was perfect. It is a little bit pricey, I kind of splurged on it to try it out, please do not cry with this concealer under your eye because it would run down your face.