Matte Eyeshadow


Ericka B.
love it

this is one of my favorite purple shadows as of now only second to poison plum! like Mecedes, i also have outremer and both are awesome, very build able but best with a primer.

in the picture i used daphne with urban decay primer potion!

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Mercedes M.
Wonderful Color, Great for Eyeliner

I purchased Daphne while looking for an interesting violet color unlike anything I had. I had tried NARS products out before and I find all to be high quality, Daphne included (which I use with the NARS primer). Daphne is a bright, blue-tone violet. This product applies pretty smoothly and can easily be build to get a consistent vibrant color. Blending can be difficult but not impossible. I also like to use this eyeshadow with a mixing medium to create a vibrant violet eyeliner, which is my favorite way. I think this is a great eyeshadow in a great color, definitely worth a try for violet lovers!

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Lauren V.

So i love Nars but i find it that there duos are way better then some of there singles i have Daphne and it looks so bright but when you use it it is vary light and i feel like i have to use it wet or with primer witch is not bad but when i swatch it its almost like dusty ! Maybe it me but i was not that happy with it .