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Erin Z.
Best. Pink. EVAR.
Photo of product included with review by Erin Z.

Man I cannot get enough of Turkish Delight, its really the prettiest pale pink/nude I've ever used. On any given day, if I'm NOT wearing striptease, I'm wearing Turkish Delight. It's so soft, subtle and wears well that I just feel kinda lost without it. Both this color and striptease LIVE in my purse. ;)

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Gabbie M.
Not worth the price

I purchased this lip gloss because I saw this shade on other people and really liked it. As far as this particular shade, it's a nice light pink with no shimmer. But I must say, I absolutely hate the formulation of this lip gloss. It's too thin, you have to build it up on your lips and it wears off so quickly. I hate lip glosses that you have to keep applying constantly. Also, the smell is a turn off. It has a chemically smell and it you happen to lick your lips or something it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It would be nice if these had a sweet scent like MAC, it would make them slightly more appealing. I ended up returning this lip gloss soon after I purchased it, I could not justify keeping it for the price. And because I did like the color so much, I found a dupe for it at Victoria Secret in the shade Innocent. The quality is so much better and it cost less than half the price. I gave this lip gloss two and a half stars simply for the color selection, but I would definitely not purchase again. If NARS carries a particular shade that you like, my advice would be to find a dupe for it as I did.

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Mayra H.

One of the best products I've used on my lips. The color is perfect. I use this on top of MAC modesty and it blends in so well, If you like nude colors I recommend this product.

Kristina C.
pricey but soo worth it

I have 6 nars lipglosses and I love them all but Turkish delight is absolutely amazing doesn't get cakey or supper sticky on the lips. Turkish delight is also what kim k wears all the time if u like the nude pink lips she has:)

Theresa G.
I love this gloss!

I fell in love with this gloss an have tired to find an exact dupe which has been unsuccessful : ( its cost is outrageous but if you really love something you'll still buy it. And that has been my case. I have gone through 3 of these for this year so far and I am soon to purchase another one!

Holly M.

I have bought about 3 Turkish delight glosses within the last few years. The color is an amazing light pink that is very wearable for pretty much anyone as a pink neutral lip, the color lasts a long time for a gloss and is never sticky!!! They come in a wide variety of shades too! There quite expensive....its worth the price because there just THAT GREAT!!!!

Allison G.

Turkish Delight is the only lip gloss I wear. Period. I'm not a fan of lip gloss at all, and if even little old me likes this.. I guaranteeeeee others will! Try it, guys :)

Megan H.

turkish delight is love in a tube! :) It's not sticky, doesn't have a bad smell, last a long time and is a gorgeous color! It looks great paired with belle de jour by NARS or angel by MAC.

Julie J.
I love this one, Turkish Delight, my fave!

I have this one and it is my favorite! I apply it after I put on my Angel lipstick from MAC, it looks great on! I wear it often!

Jessica K.

I love this lip gloss. I love the way it goes on so pretty and I love how versatile the color is! It's not too sticky, which is great. I also find it to be just the right amount of color. Only thing I think could change is price. Its a wee bit expensive.