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Lip Gloss


khatija a.

This gloss has the nicest texture, its thick but not sticky ,it looks like a deep peachy pink with gold flecks in the packaging. On the lips it translates to a sheer pink with gold a shimmer. The result is very pretty and subdued look. I love it!

Nadia N.

Orgasm lipgloss definitely compliments the sister blush. I love how sheer but vibrant at the same time. I love how my lips have this golden tint and tones down the really warm pink pigmentation in my lips. I love that it is not sticky and it gives a lightweight feeling to the lips.

Anna L.

I love this lip gloss and lip color. The lip color is nice and I think it's the best looking lip gloss I've tried. The downsides are it's expensive and I wish NARS didn't test on animals.

Susen F.
Universally Flattering

This is is good lipgloss. Is it spectacular? No. Is it exceptional? No. The consistency and pigmentation are really nice. It's not at all gooey or sticky. The Orgasm shade is universally flattering and adds dimension to even the deepest, darkest lipsticks. It can be worn alone for a beautiful, sheer, natural, everyday look.

Linda T.
Doesn't crack or cake up!

OMG! I love this lip gloss! I've only tried MAC and NARS and honestly, I prefer this one! It goes on nicely and it doesn't crack or cake up at the corners of your lips! A little expensive for lip gloss, but I would highly recommed it.

Marisa R.

I love Nar's lip gloss in Orgasm. I think it is a rather exceptional lip gloss because it is that pretty pink color that Orgasm is known for, and has that gold glitter in it which when it hits the light makes your lips shine in the best possible way ! I top this off with a little clear lip gloss and it looks wonderful. The only down side to this is that it does not last that long.

Jazmin G.
Gives me pretty lips!

I love the color, it's amazing for spring and summer. I'm not a big fan of the smell. I would've liked it much better if it had a fruity taste/smell. I can't really describe the smell, but it's not a pretty smell. Or is it just mine? lol I bought mine at sephora. Other than the smell, the product is great. Cute gloss, with great moisture.

Delilah S.

I bought this at Tj Maxx, so that might be why it wasn't all that. I put very little on bc I'm not huge into lip gloss, and I immediately noticed it was sticky. It literally felt like I glued my lips together. When I tried to get it off, the glitter part wouldn't come off no matter how hard I tried. Other than that, it was a really pretty color.

Lindsay R.
Great for a bronzed goddess look!

This lip gloss is a beautiful peachy pink, with gorgeous bronze shimmer. It's a perfect shade for summer and it's universally flattering for all skin tones. The color is sheer, but noticeable and can be layered with a wide array of lipsticks or pigments. This is my favorite lip gloss to layer with matte and not so great lipsticks that I want to use up.

The texture is smooth and isn't overly sticky. It doesn't slide off your lips, but like most glosses it must be reapplied after about an hour depending on what you are doing. The packaging is cute, sleek, and easy to use.

There are a few downsides to this product, however. My number one gripe is the price. It costs $24 for .28 oz/8 grams. For that price, I expect it to be long lasting and for it to have real crushed gold in it ;). For a lesser price you could find multiple lip glosses that do just as good as a job. Another problem I have with this product is it's taste and smell. I would not recommend it to those with have sensitive noses, for it has a chemically, unpleasant scent. The flavor tastes like chemicals as well. Beware if you plan on kissing or getting close to someone while wearing this one!

If $24 is burning in your pocket and scents and flavors aren't a huge deal to you, then give it a try. It's a nice lip gloss, but I wouldn't repurchase because of the price.

Amanda Y.
Cute But Reeks!

I really wanted to like this lip gloss, just for the fact I love the 'orgasm' color blush, therefore thought the lip gloss would rock too. It was very pretty on my lips, even with the gorgeous color and shimmer--I just could not get past the awful taste of this lip gloss. Total miss with this product.