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Shelley W.
Must Have Patience

I received Laguna and Orgasm as gifts and today I played with them for the first time. Laguna was the color of choice for the day and I mixed it with my foundation and the only thing I could see was the fine color whatsoever. So then I applied some just to my cheeks and applied Bobbi Brown "Apricot" blush on top of it. Absolutely beautiful. My cheeks popped. This is definitely something one must have patience with because there are so many uses for it so its all about trying them all to see where this could possibly fit in.

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Cristina  G.

I absolutely love this product. I apply it as a blush because I'm Hispanic with skin on the darker side and it gives me a really cute glow. It looks great all year around. Also looks really good in pictures. I like this better than the powder because my cheeks lack moisture and this product makes me look dewy.

Malikah B.
OOO Baby Make me Glow

This is a great all over body highlighter. Using it will make you look like a bronze goddess, you will not regret making this purchase. You can also use this product on your face as well having a full eight hour glow, dont let this pass you up this summer season. Glow on, Live Fabulously, Dream Fabulously Be Fabulous.