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Crystal D.
Beautiful !

Seduction is a beautiful soft dark berry colour that is extremely pigmented and flattering. It is so easy to blend and doesn't have that powdery look like some pigmented shades have. Wears all day on the cheeks and looks great. Nars never disappoints and I think this is a new lovely addition to the line.

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Jorden R.

So i bought this on a whim and the color is such a nice burgundy on my darker skin tone. it is pricey though >:o but the mirror it comes with is handy and the color is so beautiful i absolutely love it <3

Julianne J.
Of course you need to try these..but are they worth the hype?

I'm a bit of a hypebuster when it comes to makeup reviews..I really strive for honesty. Sometimes my opinions change after writing a review, but I try to use a product more than once to get a feel for it, not just do a first impressions. *Seduction. In the pan its a deep burgundy plum. I wanted a dark shade so I could use it as a contouring blush. I figured it would be true to pan in that sense. But blended out this was a more rosey color. The texture was stiff and you needed to build the color in small layers. But on the flip side, the blushes are very finely milled and sit beautifully on the skin. It really mimics your natural blush- under the skin, instead of garishly pigmented. I would have appreciated a creamier texture in the pan, but it being so finely milled makes for a really natural looking blush, that disperses across the skin, instead of sits on the surface. They have a fantastic shade range, although I'd just be careful with darker colors because they might sheer out and become lighter on the skin- like Seduction does. I would love to try other colors- but still look for cheaper options that offer better or equal quality or have really good dupes. These blushes are also quite small for the price point. I'd try others, but its not tops on my list right now.