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Nail Polish


Mary V.
So chic

Never thought I'd be one for nude colored nails, but with my Sephora gift card burning in my wallet, I thought why not give this a go, could always exchange, right? Very happy I did. Application was smooth, and the product doesn't stain the skin around the nail. Colorwise, Basil Street is just so classy, so chic, so not "dead people's fingers". Yep, That was my weird, big hang-up about nude/beige nail colors--for some reason it just brought to mind zombie hands. Anyhoo, I normally love dark colors, really dark blues, but then some managers at the office made snidish comments about going goth at work (??). Not worth it to battle the corpo types. Now, it's all-business up top, all-me down below: neutrals on my fingers and my beloved darks and brights on my toes.