Color Perfect Lipstick


Keilani R.

Amazing & inexpensive! It's so pigmented & moisturizing I love it.Everyone should go & buy this color... like right now!!!<333 The only thing wrong with this product is that it stains your lips but, I honestly think all reds & hot pinks usually stain your lips.

Anna S.

This product I purchased from my local drugstore. It was very inexpensive. The pigment in this lipstick shade is unbelievably bright! Its amazingly creamy and very long lasting. I wore it out for about 5 hours and it was still on my lips. The only thing is that its so pigmented once you wipe it off your lips, your lips are slightly stained. Other than that...its a definite must have color. Try it out!!

Color comes off like a bright intense pink. Check it out in my main picture :)