Shine Sensational Lip Gloss

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Christina B.
Good, not unqiue.

Not thick or sticky. I do love how it smells. However it is your basic, everyday, have to reapply often lip gloss. I did enjoyed the product but most likely wouldn't buy it again.

Noelle M.

I love this! best lipgloss ever! I bought peach sorbet, it pretty much goes on clear, and thats okay I personally don't care. What my biggest worry about this product was, was that it was basically going to be super goopy and way too thick. And it's not at all, it smells great, and it even tastes good, I love this all around. I think I will absolutely buy more.

Bea Untouchable u.

it cool and i had a double coupon for the product so i only paid 93cents for it @ target. i got the Peach Sorbert it smells just like peaches but not any overbearing smell because i dont usually like peaches.