Eye Studio Color Tattoo

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Kassie K.
Long lasting!
Photo of product included with review by Kassie K.

Amazingly pigmented, incredibly blend-able and build-able, and LONG LASTING! They make shadows 10x more pigmented! I swatched them on my arm, the right has shadows on top of the Color Tattoos and the left is shadows with no base after about 30 minutes. The left faded sooo much while the right didn't budge!

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Brooks V.
Love these!

I love these. I have Pomegranate Punk, Painted Purple, Edgy Emerald, Fierce and Tangy, Bold Gold, and Too Cool. They stay on forever. They're easy to apply and super affordable!

Latia C.
Love this!
Photo of product included with review by Latia C.

I got these as a birthday gift from a dear friend and I was so excited to receive these! I meant to put pictures and swatches of this onto my blog, but I was too anxious to use them. Today, I used Fierce & Tangy as a color base for my golden eye shadow look today and it worked extremely well. I didn't have any creasing that I could see and the color held vibrant all day. I would suggest using these colors with a primer and if you're using them as a base, that you apply a thin amount of this to your lids. I would definitely recommend these cream shadows; they are truly some of the best that I have ever tried.

Jacqueline R.
LOVE this stuff!

Finally tried the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Fierce and Tangy and [no surprise] I'm in love!

It doesn't crease on me (and I have a big problem with that) and it doesn't go anywhere unless you remove it with eye makeup remover. The thing I love the most though, is that this stuff is so bright and pigmented and application is easy; I just use my finger and it still looks awesome.

I'm definitely wanting to grab some more of these.

Alexandra H.

I have six different colors, but my favorite is Fierce and Tangy! It is really pigmented, bold color, and no shimmer. This is a must have for spring/summer. ;) For the neutral shade, my favorite is Tough As Taupe. I feel like the non-shimmery ones perform better than the one who have shimmer. For more complete reviews/photos/swatches, please visit Love!

Arianna R.
cant say enough good things!

I picked this up on a random purchase....and am in love!!! I got the orange one because I needed an orange base, I seriously have found a way to use the color for everything since I bought it!! I've really wanted to but the similar lip/cheek ones That MUfe has but those are 22$... these are a cheap and wonderful alt.! Great color payoff, don't crease, and have a touch of glitter!

Zoe F.
Just Wow!

I don't usually buy a lot of drugstore makeup products, but I have been seeing these a lot lately on the internet and when I saw swatches of "Edgy Emerald" and "Fierce & Tangy" I knew I had to have them. I really only bought them because both of those colors are amazing I have nothing in my collection like them and I wasn't expecting them to be anything amazing other than cool colors. After using them I am totally amazed at the quality of these. Seriously, Wow. These are so awesome. They are incredibly smooth and creamy when applying and so easily blendable. And when they set they aren't going anywhere! Even without setting with an eyeshadow or using a primer they did not move and they are long lasting. Did I mention they are so freaking pigmented? Only $5.99 you really can't beat that. These are comparable to Make up Forever Aqua cream eyeshadow but I favor the Color Tattoo. In conclusion, These are an amazing product, long lasting, great pigmentation, affordable, high end quality, and some really pretty colors! I will definitely be buying more of these!

Kaitlyn P.
Super quality and price!
Photo of product included with review by Kaitlyn P.

These are truly sleek, high end pots of color for an incredibly low price! Points to Maybelline for not being one of those "cheap" makeup brands with crappy products in boring packaging. I have Too Cool (white), Fierce & Tangy (orange), and Pomegranate Punk (deep berry red), and they are amazing. The first one I was drawn to was Fierce & Tangy, simply because I have a new love for orange since that's the color of my new car :) You can use your fingers to apply, but I prefer a concealer (or flat synthetic) brush so I'm not contaminating the pot. You can apply them sheer or build up for a more vibrant color, and they are EXCELLENT as a shadow base. I like that they are relatively matte/slight shimmer finish (at least the colors I have) since I have more shimmer/sparkle eye shadows that are amped up with a matte base. And for a reason I can't really describe, I absolutely love the packaging lol. The display they were in at my local Target made them stand out, but they also include the shade name on the side with the black cap, so no matter what side it lays on, you'll know what color it is. Drugstore brands are becoming some serious high-end product contenders!

Stephanie S.
Very bold and pigmented

Fierce & Tangy is a bright yellowish orange that is quite pigmented. I find this one a bit harder to spread than some of the others (especially the newer shades), but with a little patience it is worth it. I've used this as a base for other orange shadows, but I really prefer it on its own with a golden brown or dark grey crease. I've also seen some cool FOTDs with orange and mint, so I want to try that sometime soon as well. Like all of the Color Tattoo shadows it wears very well, even on my oily lids I don't get any creasing after 10 hours.

gee m.

I have the color fierce and tangy which is the orange color. I find it to be a nice color however you have to build the color up in order to get a real intense looking orange. I find that I have to warm the product up with my fingers in order for the product to go on smooth. This product or color can go on kind of streaky and blotchy and be kind of hard to blend out. When I use this product I use a primer to make sure the product does not crease. Also I only use it as a base I have never use this product without a primer and I have never use this product as an eye shadow alone. Besides the streaky and blotchiness it is a pretty good product and great for a base once you get it together.