Eye Studio Color Tattoo


Kimberly M.
A great product!
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I'm surprised! I was looking for a green cream shadow base and saw this at Target. I was a tad skeptical, as I'm not a big fan of lower-end cosmetics. But this stuff is great! The color worked perfectly for the look I had in mind. And it doesn't crease on me (but I primed). I have oily skin and with many products creasing can be a problem even with primer. I think I'll get more Color Tattoos! Hopefully they'll come out with more colors too!

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Rachel H.

I love this eyeshadow. The texture makes it so much easier to apply. It really does stay too! I washed off my face with water when I was wearing this; and all my mascara came off, BUT the eyeshadow was still there! It doesn't flake off.

Brooklyn Rain  D.

I love the texture and they stay on really well! Edgy Emerald is a fantastic shade, they are so versatile. You can wear them in any way! I like to just put them on all over my eye and use a similar shade but darker as liner. You can use a brush or just your fingers! I love this product so much and definitely recommend buying it, its money well spent and you will love it!

Mary Ann G.
Great colors but...

These creased on me after only a few hours. I was really disappointed because the colors are so great. I even tried it with UDPP but still creased.