Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow


Amelia M.
What can I do without my gold?

I absolutely love this. I have blue eyes with yellow circle around pupil and this eye shadow really let's it pop. I love gold eyeshadow and when I saw this in my local drugstore I had to get it. I actually really like this product. I would recommend this to anyone.

Lillee T.
Good for my blue eyes

They are really pigmented . I agree with CHRISTINA P. I did noticed alot of fallout from this product and also how powdery it was, even with a primer . The pallet Give Me Gold is great for blue eyes and ares a good color scheme

Savannah S.
Works all ways

This eyeshadow is just so girly and flirty, very diverse, u can use it the way its instructed, or u can mix it the way u feel. All 4 colors for each swatch r in the same color coordinates to make it wearable any way

Tiril S.
Too shimmery...

Nearly all the colors are shimmery, it would have been fantastic if for example the champagne one was more matte. The colors are good and pigmented, blends easily. Good to be drugstore Longwearing without primer, 4-5 hours, I don't have especially oily eyelids, I think they're normal. Doesn't flake or have fallouts Colors look good together

Cons: It easily breaks The packaging is a bit bad, it will get damaged if you lose it on floor, another of my maybelline eyeshadow palettes doesn't do this. Too shimmery colors

However the product is totally worth the money!

Amanda B.
Love it!

My favorite way to use this is to put the first color, the tan, on the insides of my eyes: makes me look wide-eyed and bushy-tailed! Well, maybe not so much the bushy-tailed part.....

Justine R.
Good colour range, soft eyeshadows, moderate fall out - use a primer!

Long and short of it: - AWESOME colour selection - LE Quads are often dupeable from the permanent line so compare carefully - Shadows are soft, smooth, and generally well-pigmented (there are a few duds) - They can be pricey for drugstore so I'd wait until these go on special before purchasing!