Dream Liquid Mousse Makeup


Stacy N.

Now, I know some of the reviewers said that this is not good on oily skin. I have this foundation and I have combination/oily skin, but it does not make me any oilier than I am. The best way to apply it is in patting motions and this can be done either with a stippling brush or a sponge. Just take a dab and pat it on. Then take a setting powder and with a sponge, pat then roll over the foundation. You will get the desired coverage that you want that way. It is a great overall foundation!

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Adriana C.

I love the Dream Mousse line, but this one was completely off. It feels sticky and cakey without even putting it on, it creases as soon as it dries, and it's just bad. Coverage is horrible. Overall I do NOT recommend.

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Nicola H.
Go to foundation

When I first got into makeup this was my first foundation because I heard it was good and it is affordable and I still wear it now. It's great for everyday at school when I do wear makeup. But I only really wear it in the colder months out of the year because it is pretty heavy.

Marina H.
Not for Oily Skin

Definitely not my favourite foundation. The colour worked well on my skin and applied really nicely. But after a while it felt greasy and it felt like my face had become more oily.