Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor

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Anna H.
It's a good Spring colour!

I like the colour, so vibrant and the formula is great. It last few hours, but it's still out of my confort zone... But I love it! I feel powerful when I apply this lipstick!

Geylan A.

I absolutely adore these lipsticks, I mean even though they aren't natural (which I do prefer) but, they are great. The shades at the bottom are true to color. I own every single color from this line. I mean yes, the colors do fade which I mean, what lipstick doesn't, but all in all great product! Great pigmentation, great formula, and just all around great result.

Sarah R.
Amazing Drugstore product!
Photo of product included with review by Sarah R.

I love the Maybelline Vivid line of lipsticks. They are smooth, creamy, and have great pigmentation. I do find that you have to apply several times, but it's great for the price. Shocking coral is my favorite shade right's a great color for spring and summer!

Jenny J.

I just bought this a few days ago and it is one of my favorite lipsticks right now. In the tube it looks like a beautiful bright coral pink color, but on my lips, it looks more pink than coral. I also have this lipstick in Vivid Rose and Vibrant Mandarin. As much as I absolutely love the other shades, I've found Shocking Coral to be the most flattering with my skintone, and easiest one to work with (the other two can get a bit messy to apply). I'll probably be wearing this pretty often for a while.

Liyah I.

Hi! (: I bought my first lipstick Vivids, I chose the color <Shocking Coral> . I love this product and the pigmentation is great, the outfit is amazing. I think back to shop and choose the color Pink pop, where Brazen Berry and Fuchsia Flash. Gemey Maybelline, Thanks to these little wonders!

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