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Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation


Raquel B.
Great foundation for sensitive skin

i have sensitive skin and i could not seem to find my perfect foundation, i have tried loads and loads at the expense of my poor skin on the search for my holy grail, well the closest i've gotten is this foundation. It took me a while to get the desired results and find the perfect way to use it, but I have now discovered it! At first I tried using my fingers to apply the foundation (I always try using every foundation with my fingers to get a feel for the texture and application), but I really don't like using my fingers so i went on a search for the perfect brush to apply it... i couldn't find one, i've tried regular foundation brushes, the sigma synthetic kabuki line, a mac 109, a stippling brush... name it i've probably tried it. Then when I almost had given up on this foundation (despite really wanting to love it) I found a blending sponge, it's from the brand Joe Fresh (sold at Canadian grocery stores) that reminded me of the beauty blender and was half the price so I picked it up (if you want to see my review on the sponge I have a video on it: and decided to give it a go with my MUFE mat velvet + I had to give it a last chance, and alas I found a match made in heaven! it works wonders with this foundation. I have sensitive and dry skin and you are probably wondering why did I buy this foundation, well the ingredients list is what attracted me the most to it and when i finally tried it it did not disappoint; it did not break me out or cause any major irritation, so I that is why. Back to why I did not like it initially, well, it is a matifying foundation and with dry skin it used to settle very blotchy/patchy in my skin and give me this very dry look, but with a damp sponge (and applied with a stippling motion) this foundation sits on my skin beautifully. As far as the sponge if you can get the beauty blender i am assuming the results will be even better, if you are in Canada I would definitely recommend the Joe Fresh Premium Blending Sponge, and if you are in the States I know Sonia Kashuk (sold at Target) does a sponge which is a dupe for the Beauty Blender, so pick it up and give it a try. So if you have sensitive dry skin I can recommend this from my experience as far as being gentle on your skin.

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Cassie C.

I have really oily and acne prone skin. A Sephora employee recommended I try this out. I bought it and love it! I have repurchased this product so many times. I also have bad acne scarring and the coverage of this foundation is phenomenal.

Kristen K.
a staple in my makeup collection!!!

MUFE mat velvet+. freaking amazing! hahaha. favorite full coverage foundation as it maintains it's wearability throughout the day and never dulls or gets too cakey. not to mention it lives up to its name, no shine and it's got a velvet like texture. what more could a girl ask for?!

Mady C.

This is refreshing to use after having to deal with drug store brand foundations that never stayed on more than four hours. It was so annoying and frankly embarrassing when I had to work all day and It's a customer service job so I have to be confident and happy and whenever I'd go to the bathroom and come back I'd be uncomfortable because my makeup was gone. Anyways. THIS SAVED ME. Not recommended for people with dry skin but I have an oily t-zone and in the places I get most oily I apply more there. I use hourglass veil primer before and benefit powder in porcelain after. This stuff doesn't come off when I apply it in that way. Pricey, sure. But worth it if you're fed up with drug store brands ripping you off with products that they claim last all day. The only thing is I've been using it for a week and the bottle feels really light and a lot of air comes out when I squeeze it... Not sure if this is normal or whatever. If it were a pump that would be so much better. If you get this, don't overdue it because you don't want to look flakey and I've noticed sometimes when a lot comes out my skin doesn't look as nice. Overall, great improvement from drugstore brands and I did my research on other products supposed to help oily skin and this seemed to be the winner out of most sites I have personally searched.

Meredith B.

This foundation is lovely. I wore it the other day mixed with a bit of my OCC Y0 and it was PERFECT. It stayed matte and lovely all day, even though I usually end up shiny and my makeup kind of melts off - this didn't! It was awesome. For me, it wasn't drying, and it just made my skin look flawless. Plus, it doesn't hide my freckles too too much. Which is always nice. The only thing is that I mix it with a lighter, yellower shade and it's perfect, so I might end up getting a different colour next time.

Kaitlin K.

I've been searching forever for a foundation that will play nicely with my incredibly oily (yet also very dry) skin. Mineral foundation doesn't work, NARS still makes me oily, Josie Maran's foundation made me break out, and I'd about given up hope. I tried this one for the hell of it and was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin only got mildly oily throughout the day. I'll definitely be hanging on to this one.