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HD Invisible Cover Foundation


Phylicia H.
Phylicia H.'s Review Image

This product is so amazing very light weight not oily easy to apply i love love love this product i was surprised i didn't get any break out with this product i brought mine from sephora. best foundation I've used so far.

Elsie M.
I really like Sephora + Pantone color IQ matcher!
Elsie M.'s Review Image

I went to Sephora To get matched for a Liquid Foundation and I seen this new machine that they were using to match people with! She took several pictures of my face then finally matched me with the Make Up Forever HD foundation I felt that it matched my completion the best since I got lighter from the winter. I probably have to go a shade darker more into the summer time but for now it works just fine.

Tawny T.
Not what is cracked up to be

I actually took mine back, it was a really thick texture, and made me look washed out. I think I payed about $60 for it a Sephora. I think you can get a drugstore brand that's better then this.