Brenda X.
The most beautiful purple eyeshadow!

I have a lot of puple eyeshadows, but really love this purple with blue undertones, you can do bold or elegant makeup looks. Perfect for pop the brown eyes. Very good pigmentation and blends easy.

Victoria D.
Number 92!

This purple eyeshadow should be in EVERYONE's collection! It is amazingly pigmented and vibrant. You hardly have to tap your brush on the product to get tons of color pay off. It wears forever with a primer, and a little goes a very long way! It also blends beautifully! It does stain my eyelids, but I'm very, very fair. And I really don't mind, since I wear heavy eyeshadow every day!

M Ichelle C.

This is the only MUFE eyeshadow I own and it will probably stay that way. No matter what or how I wear this shadow/blush everyone loves it. I mean it POPS no matter wha,t no all shadows have this ability. My problem is it's ridiculous $20 price tag.

Jacquelyn J.

I have 92 and that color is amazing! I love how it's pigmented matte eyeshadow and it's was my first MUFE eyeshadow to own. I have swatched the other colors at Sephora and they are amazing! I have 75 and 9 on the way and cannot wait to play with those colors to come up with a look soon.

Kristin R.
Great color pay off but will stain lids and brushes

I have 2 MUFE Eyeshadows Purple 92 and Pink 75. The color payoff on their brights is amazing but they do stain your lids, especially #92. And if you don't clean your brush right away it will leave a pink hue on a white brush. It's no big deal just a heads up. I'd actually like to purchase some more brights from them in the future!

Sofie U.
Probably my favorite purple color!

I absolutely love the colour and payoff of this eyeshadow, but it stains my lids :/ I still use it though, so if I ever run out I'll probably buy it again just because it's such an amazing colour ;)

Avi C.
very nice

I never thought to try MUFE eyeshadows, but after hearing much hype about their purple I decided to try. LOVE IT. It is very pigmented and goes on nicely. I have tried it with pinks, blue, and silver. It is awesome! I haven't seen a complexion that it didn't look good on.

Victoria S.
Best. purple. EVER
Photo of product included with review by Victoria S.

Make Up For Ever's 'Purple 92' eye shadow is seriously the best purple eye shadow. It's a richly pigmented matte and intense bright purple, this shadow seriously GLOWS.

Its pigmentation is so rich that it would show up on any skin tone, including the darkest of darks! My eyes are brown with a hint of green, and it makes them glow greener (purple is a wonderful complement with green)

Every individual pan costs $19 for .08 oz of product, but this will last you forever, even with heavy use. I love the individual magnetized compacts, the black acrylic case is sturdy enough to stay in my makeup bag. The tops of the case also have a clear strip so you can see the particular color, making it easier to differentiate the vast array of colors you probably have in your bag...

I love experimenting with this color and trying out new combinations. In the pic uploaded, I paired it with a taupey-gray in the center lid and a shimmering ice blue in the corner of the eyes. I've also used this with Chrome Yellows, bright acid green, black, white, tan. If you experiment long enough, you WILL get it to work with a color you love. If you had to choose one color in the Make Up For Ever shadow collection, this is it.

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