I bought this color at Sephora for $18 and it was worth every penny. Yes, it is a bit pricey for one eyeshadow but it is extremely pigmented. This color specifically will last you a very long time and a little goes a long way. Another thing I loved about this color is that you can wear it many different ways. Just a little dab on the apple of your cheeks or a full pigmented eyeshadow. It's a very versatile color and compact to go anywhere.

One of my favorites!

I swear if I could use this more I would. I love putting it in the crease to add a pop of color or using it to add to a orange sunset look. The color payoff is phenomenal and it stays on all day. They are also a great price if you compare how much you pay for MAC and how much you get compared to this product, it isn't that much pricier but the pan is so much bigger than MAC, I am willing to invest in a lot more of these soon!!!


These are definitely high quality shadows. They are more expensive than other brands but the amount of product will last you quite a long time.

I also really like the magnetized case. It's super easy to open and close. Unlike some other cosmetic lines, these can easily be propped out of their individual cases and placed into a larger palette so you don't have to worry about the eyeshadows shattering.

I really liked MAC eyeshadows (I still do, don't get me wrong) because of the huge range of colors. Same goes for Make Up Forever, there is a wide variety of shades and I feel like the quality is superior.

Victoria S.'s Review Image
Best. purple. EVER

Make Up For Ever's 'Purple 92' eye shadow is seriously the best purple eye shadow. It's a richly pigmented matte and intense bright purple, this shadow seriously GLOWS.

Its pigmentation is so rich that it would show up on any skin tone, including the darkest of darks! My eyes are brown with a hint of green, and it makes them glow greener (purple is a wonderful complement with green)

Every individual pan costs $19 for .08 oz of product, but this will last you forever, even with heavy use. I love the individual magnetized compacts, the black acrylic case is sturdy enough to stay in my makeup bag. The tops of the case also have a clear strip so you can see the particular color, making it easier to differentiate the vast array of colors you probably have in your bag...

I love experimenting with this color and trying out new combinations. In the pic uploaded, I paired it with a taupey-gray in the center lid and a shimmering ice blue in the corner of the eyes. I've also used this with Chrome Yellows, bright acid green, black, white, tan. If you experiment long enough, you WILL get it to work with a color you love. If you had to choose one color in the Make Up For Ever shadow collection, this is it.

Just in generual

I won two of the colours in deferent finishes, (satin and diamond) The pegmentation is even better than urban decays eyeshadows, and the formular is super buttery, and hve never feeled such an amazing eyeshadow before, and their are supper blendeble. <3

Brightest yellow shadow

Yellow is my favorite color so I have tried several brands and make up forever is the standout shade. Works best over a very light eyeshadow base not only for longevity but also to bring out the brightness of the hue. Must have for spring and yellow is unexpected so it make things interesting.

Beautiful, Blendable

I own about 24 shadows, but my favorite is 162 and 5. The colors are so pimented and smooth. Even someone's who's not extremely experienced working with blending shadows can still make this look good. This is long lasting shadow that offers a "come hither" to any eye of every color. I use b!th$lap cosmetics corrector in lite and the color does not crease.

The most beautiful purple eyeshadow!

I have a lot of puple eyeshadows, but really love this purple with blue undertones, you can do bold or elegant makeup looks. Perfect for pop the brown eyes. Very good pigmentation and blends easy.

Number 92!

This purple eyeshadow should be in EVERYONE's collection! It is amazingly pigmented and vibrant. You hardly have to tap your brush on the product to get tons of color pay off. It wears forever with a primer, and a little goes a very long way! It also blends beautifully!
It does stain my eyelids, but I'm very, very fair. And I really don't mind, since I wear heavy eyeshadow every day!

Some of the best eyeshadows

Great color quality. Probably some of the best. Very soft. You hardly have to tap your brush into the colors. You get so much color with just a little product. I love how these blend. So far I don't have anything bad to say about any of the colors.