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Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation


Kasiani P.

This powder is my absolute favourite thing in the world. It is really nice to set any primer/moisturizer/foundation etc. It has really great coverage and leaves you with a soft airbrush finish! I love this product more than anything. The only reason why it didn't get a full 5 stars is because the more you apply it the more visible it is that you are wearing powder. So you have to be careful to not put too much on! Other than that I would recommend not using it with a full coverage foundation because then it looks really cakey (the powder itself if full coverage) So it provides more than enough. But overall love this powder I couldn't live without it.

Susie S.

I can say GREAT COVERAGE! I don't use this daily, I actually rarely use it. I like to have it in my makeup box; just in case I need my makeup to last all night long. I only wear this powder for special occassions because it does have great coverage. However, i don't like it as an everyday use because it is too heavy for your skin and I like to allow my skin to breathe. I used this on Halloween and it looked great all night, I also use it when I go to weddings, special events or parties. I really like the coverage but I noticed when I leave it on all night, I will get a pimple the next day.

Sian H.

I think that this product is great when you need a little bit of coverage but it won't give you as much coverage as a liquid foundation. I was trying to like this product but it wasn't the best..

Eilla S.
Matte finish

Sorry but this just don't work for me. It broke me out like crazy every time I use it. It looked great when it is fresh. It does show my flakes unless I do a major peel beforehand. It didn't last very long and it left me oily after an hour. I do not recommend this to anyone I know but I also told them that it might work for them.