Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15


Lauren H.

My favorite full coverage foundation! The quality is top of the line and the price is very inexpensive. The finish is matte and it has SPF 15. You must have this foundation.

Amy O.

i have a love/hate relationship with this foundation, i absolutely love this foundation in the winter/fall but in the summer? ummm it is the most disgusting thing ever because its so heavy and it honestly feels like ur face is melting off :-/

JodieLyn R.
Great product, flaws and all.

So I do enjoy this foundation. BUT if you are using it you must, MUST have a squeaky clean face. Any hint of oil make the formula much heavier than it should be. Other than that, application is flawless but make sure you have a setting powder.

Lola J.
Break out!!!

I loved it at first but then realized it gave off an orange tine in photos and my skin broke our horribly after about 2. Months of use. It's heavy as well