Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15


Alex F.

I swear by this foundation! I have fair skin and a few freckles i don't really want visible all the time and I find covers perfectly without looking cakey and doesn't feel as if I'm wearing too much which I find really great.

Jennifer H.
Would suggest, always use

I first used this foundation as a birthday present a few years ago, and I still buy new bottles today. It is such a light foundation so my skin doesn't feel weighed down at all when it is on. In fact it looks and feels very natural, my most complimented apperance is usually when I have this foundation on. The colour match is perfect 100%.

I couldn't suggest this more, yes it is expencive, but it is so worth it for me and my skin. :)

Nikki L.
Full Coverage - Long Lasting

Full coverage foundation. I apply with a brush which allows me to blend quite easily. Never used with a sponge so maybe it could be sheered out. A little goes a long way, but definitely advise to buy a pump to reduce waste and make it easier and more hygienic to apply!!

Mackenzie R.

The foundation is good but it's not made for everyday uses, obviously. It's kinda thick and it has a medium coverage. It is build-able but I wouldn't suggest doing that unless you're going somewhere very special.

Miller S.
Not worth it

I can usually wear NC and NW 15 as I am a bit of both undertone, yet the nw15 is much too dark in this formula, and the nc15 pushing it too. I find this formula of mac foundation to be very very yellow in the NCs and very orange in the NWs. They also run darker. Something about the smell absolutely puts me off too. It oxidises on my skin as well making the darkness worse. Only good thing to say is good coverage

Lawrenundead M.

I absolutely love this foundation, but it just doesn't come light enough. I have to mix my NC15 with my Illamasqua Rich Liquid in RF105 to get the perfect shade. I would probably be addicted to this stuff had I been able to purchase the perfect shade.

Eva M.
good coverage

This foundation is very good at hiding redness and imperfections as it has a medium coverage but I find (on my oily skin) it looks a bit dry and flaky. I like the matte finish but it's hard to work with so I try to mix it with a bit of moisturizer so I can even it out over my face easier. I have found many times this to look a bit orange/yellow on my skin, especially in photos which is disappointing for a MAC product. However, I will carry on using it and hopefully it will look better over time...

Stacy M.
Good, but...

I gotta say, with a primer and a dusting of setting powder, this looked really nice. The only downsides are 1. it sets too fast. This caused me to actually mix it with a bit of moisturizer to allow myself some more blending time... I'd say take your favorite oil based moisturizer and use a 35% moisturizer 65% SFF. remember, oil and water don't mix so don't go using any water based moisturizer or you'll completely destroy the integrity of the foundation. 2. it's far, far too dark! Even their lightest shade is just tooo dark! But I can say this for A LOT of makeup companies. Apparently, us porcelain alabaster skinned people just don't exist in the pigment laboratories of M.A.C and other companies. 3. because of the consistency, if this comes off, it will make you look blotchy. I dare not wear this without a primer which means when you go to refill, you refill your primer too... which seems like it may run out faster than my foundation actually. I use the Prep + prime by MAC and I love it, but it's not cheap. I also would hate to be heartbroken to use it without a primer and see breakthrough (oil breaking through the makeup) and breakouts from this product. I like it too much, and besides, I'm 32, so I can afford to use some primer. so... Meh. Cons.. too dark, dries too fast, old-school foundation smell Pros.. good staying power, nice matte finish (but forget about it lasting 8 hours... more like 4, so bring blotting tissue) Can look cakey if you build coverage and then powder, so use a GOOD blending brush

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Mădălina P.

This is one of my favorite foundations. Gives full coverage with a matte finish. It truly stays on throughout the day without having to reapply. It might feel heavy to some people but is to provide the most coverage possible. I just use one or two pumps and it covers my whole face..I also use the brightest shade, to not look so cakey and heavy, because I always finish the look with a powder. Truly recommend it to those that haven’t tried it before.

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Marie M.
Its my soul mate!

its just perfect for me ! look like my face just without the awful scars i have! i dont even feel it on ! it does kinda smell weird but that fades but for the results it gives i dont really mind the smell!!! ive alwats been on the hunt for the perfect fondation and mascara ! now because of mac i can check one completed :)