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Tara M.
Full coverage that feels light.

I love how this concealer feels, it's so light and I don't even feel like I'm wearing makeup. Right now, I use this all over my face as foundation. I'm struggling with a lot of acne right now & needed a lot of coverage. The bottle is small but it's totally worth it. The only thing I really don't like about it is the smell. But after it's applied I really can't smell it anymore. Wonderful product and will definately repurchase!

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Kylie  S.

I love this so much. Full coverage and stays on all day. Super matte and does not shine. Although it is recommended to use this with a bit of powder to prevent creasing. Worth the splurge!

Maria L.

I mix this with my sheer-medium buildable foundation, and it creates a full coverage foundation that looks like skin. Real skin. I look like a real human, that's alive and ready to participate in life. This is a LIFESAVING product.

Lisa H.
In Love
Lisa H.'s Review Image

I'm so In love with this it covers everything and I also use it under my eyes stays all day...But I had to put in something else because of the pump.. put way to much out...

Annesofie L.
In love

This is the best concealer! Would clearly recommend this to everybody. There is only one bad thing about this concealer and it is all the product you get out when you pumb

Sarah S.
Must have

This concealer covers everything!!!! It has not heaviness at all it feels natural and looks natural! Blends seamlessly, and best part NO CREASING when it comes to this product! I live by this product!

Missy K.
Love it!

I'm a hairstylist. I'm busy, hot, and on the go all the time. This formula is amazing! No other concealer I have ever used compares to this. I am very surprised that I actually love this product because MAC foundation and my skin just typically don't get along.

Overall I'd recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a new concealer, providing that MAC has shades that match up with them.

Kaitlyn W.
Kaitlyn W.'s Review Image

If I were to hypothetically be stuck on a island and could bring with me one beauty product, this would be it. No question. Not oily, not thick and certainly not cakey. It blends in effortlessly and beautifully. MAC Cosmetics have out done themselves once again! Throw out your current concealer and replace it with this one. You won't regret it!

Emma B.
I love this!
Emma B.'s Review Image

This is my 1st product from MAC. It's really good, lasts well and makes my skin look and feel amazing. The only problem is the packaging. It comes in a pump meaning you can't control the amount that comes out so you often get too much out. If it wasn't for that it would be perfect:)) i will definately repurchase when I save up (I'm 14 and broke now;)) i wore it on Halloween and it made my skin look like this:)

Emma Kirstine K.
Shockingly good!

I didn't know what to expect from this, but this really did surprise me. This can both work as a primer and a concealer. It's good for both. No matter how long your days are. This lasts until you take it off, and that says a lot, because I have oily skin, and this is the only concealer that doesn't crease on me. - And I have tried every concealer from MAC, and this one is absolutely worth the price tag, even though I've got two, because I'm in between two shades. NW15 and NW20. Every girl should try these, I'll repurchase these any time !