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gee m.

Bountiful is almost Mac Angel lipstick in a gloss. It is a nice wash of color with some shimmer. When I apply this gloss I do experience a tingling sensation but nothing major and it’s only for a short period of time. I have this gloss in the small tube that I person in one of Mac holiday sets. I sometime pair this with a lip-liner or over a lip stick. I am currently wearing this Mac Angel lip-stick, Mac Oak lip-liner and Sephora lip-liner in Native nude.

Steph M.

yuck i absolutely hate this product... i bought it at the CCO a few weeks ago... the color was gorgeous in the tube but once i put it on it faded and became clear. the flavor is disgusting and tastes like play-doh... it definitely DOES plump your lips, i have seen a difference, but it makes your lips dried out... dont suggest it, especially for the price.