Mineralize Blush

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Nadia N.

This is one of best blushes! I cannot stop wearing warm soul! It gives me this beautiful glow on the cheeks and a bit bronzey and it's not orangey. It gives me color and not glittery. I would repurchase this again and again plus put it in my kit. I think it would look great on all skin tones.

Georgia R.

This blush gives the most gorgeous glow to the cheeks, no need for highlighter! I would buy this product over and over and desperate to try the others aswell! I also use it for eyeshadow sometimes and blends and looks just as good as an eyeshadow!

Hannah M.

Let me just say this blush is AMAZING! My MAC artist recommended it, so i bought it. I have never been more happy with a blush, it makes you look wide awake and brings a subtle-not too bright pop of color to your face. If you like the MAC mineralize blush- try Warm soul and it will be the only shade you buy! Love Love Love

Cecely B.
This blush warms my soul!

Warm Soul is my favorite of the mineralize blushes. It's gives that perfect peachy coral glow without looking too shiny. Goes great on all skin colors. I especially love it during the summer when I have a tan.

Stephanie H.
Gorgeous Finish
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

I have been a lover of MACs Regular blushes for years. I believe this is my first Mineralized blush. I am so happy with it. The finish it leaves on my cheeks is gorgeous! MAC makes some of the best blushes. I have tried other high end companies and only a few are just as great or better. But, these mineralized one even out due their regular line. By giving you that sheen on your cheeks. If I wear a matte blush I always had to wear a Highlighter. With these there is no need to. It gives you that all by its self. If you have not checked these out you are really missing out.

Chelsea D.

I just love the color!! I dropped it and it cracked :( Now I have all these little blush pieces in the compact. But it has lasted me since last year. It's so soft and blends beautifully!

Ang v.
favorite blush

definitely my go to blush! I love the way it looks on my skin tone, love the golden shimmers and soft color, blends well, looks great and lasts long (:

Angela W.
If shimmer is your thing then you'll be all over this one.

Sometimes glittery shimmer is great... but sometimes it's not the look I'm going for. This has a lot of shimmer to it. I noticed that when i don't allow my foundation to set and dry completely and I go to blend this blush it can get a little grey- not cute.

Naomi G.

I loveee this blush ! Its perfect for NC45 skin tones :) its really natural but it does have a rosy color to it! I apply it with my maybelline blush brush. definitely recommend it <3