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Stephanie M.
Perfect for spring
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie M.

I've been searching for the perfect coral color for my lips, and low and behold, MAC had it! Watch Me Simmer is bright, with the perfect amount of coral tint. I was afraid to get it at first because the way the MAC artist applied it on me, made it look like a color overload. I took a risk and bought it anyway and found that it compliments my complexion amazingly. I bought Lychee Luxe as well for days that I wanted a gloss on top. The only thing about this particular color is with the gloss, you might want to add some lip liner because it is super bright. Overall I love the color and I do wear it with out a liner when I'm not wearing a gloss. MAC lipsticks are known for its smooth finish and feeling which makes it easier to apply.

Rachel G.
Loving it!
Photo of product included with review by Rachel G.

Watch Me Simmer is a bright coral with pink undertones. It's an amplified finish which is my favorite MAC finish. It's the most pigmented finish and I've found to be the most moisturizing on the lips. With one swipe I have bright, fully opaque color. Like all MAC lipsticks, it has a soft vanilla scent and lasts 3-4 hours. I love this shade and have been wearing it a lot. It's perfect for the current bright lip trend!

Lil P.
Chapped Lips :(

It chapped my lips so badly. People complimented me but when I took the lipstick of my lips were bleeding. I'm sorry but it's a humans down, one star, 10% product. I'd rather have no compliments. One star