Farah G.

Can we say unique? You'll definitely stand out because this is a lavender/violet type of color which is not common. That is what I love about it. If you have a neutral eye and you let this be the statement maker, then you'll like it.

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Rachael S.
A huge fav!

My all time favourite lipstick! Amazing colour, a beautiful subtle purple, even on my dark complexion! Whatever season it may be, especially summer time, it's a staple on my vanity.

Natasha R.
Im a MAC Girl

I Love Love Mac Yes right now Ive worn Up the Amp out beautiful purple for WOC And so Is Cny Yum Yum, Girl about Town, Midnight Mamba, St. Germain, Viva Glam Gaga 2, Russian Red(My first Red), Happy Hibiscus ( I HATE Sheen Supreme) but its a nice highlighter color

Kaitlin P.
Went to have my makeup done and had to buy this color.

It's the most amazing purple and looks so good with my skin color. After my girl put it on my lips I just had to have it in my collection! I am completely obsessed with it <3

ashleyann a.
Photo of product included with review by ashleyann a.

i went to mac today looking for a new lipstick and of course the one that i had wanted (Dish It Up) from the new shop M.A.C line was sold out everywhere. :((( so the guy at the counter suggested Up The Amp and im actually lovvviiinngg it (:

Kelly F.
Stays on all day

This was my very first MAC product, and I'm so happy with it!! I bought it just last week, wanting a berry lip for the Fall/Winter Seasons. I was happy with the color, and I just prayed it felt good and stayed. It sure does! I went out for the day, and it stayed on for four hours. Then, after eating, it still stayed! Not perfectly, but it had stained my lips a darker color. Perfect!

Stephanie L.
seriously amazing.

this is my favorite lipstick. i don't think i have anything bad to say about it. the color is awesome, it's matte without being dry, it lasts forever, the packaging is cool, and it smells like marshmallows! completely worth the money. i plan on buying several more staple colors.

Whitney D.

These are worth the money!!!! Mac lipsticks are like no other lipstick. I have a total of 3 and all in different finishes. I love all three and can not wear no other lipsticks than MAC. Besides MAC I have some Wet n Wild ones and Lancome. Lancome is wearable but MAC is something that I must wear daily. I tried the Wet n Wild one today and its never going back on my lips again.

Theresa G.
<3 <3 <3
Photo of product included with review by Theresa G.

I bought this lipstick and forgot that I had it for about a month. I usually don't wear anything but nudes. I fell in love with this color. Smooth texture and lasts a pretty long time for me. And from the swatch that is shown and the picture that I have taken it is clear that they are quite different.

Carmen R.
My Fav by far!!

When I first began getting into MAC lipsticks I often gravitated towards the "safe" colors. I was so afraid of standing out in the crowd. Up the Amp by MAC has changed this. It's smooth, eye catching, and unique. With the right lip combo you can tone it down or make it even more interesting. This is my favorite MAC lipstick and My go to when I want to be more daring!