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Shalimar V.

Perfect red lipstick! Suits on any skin tone. Must wear this if you wanna stand out in the crowd or look classy pin up. Very matte! No need to put another coat every hour or so, very long lasting even if i drink, eat or whatever it's still there. But you'll definitely should wear a lip balm under. A must have! love love love <3

Shalimar,xoxo ❤

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Marlene  A.
The perfect RED for dark skin

So I grew up thinking that BLACK women are not allowed to wear red. No, let me rephrase that, I grew up trained that DARK SKINNED BLACK WOMEN are forbidden from wearing RED LIPSTICK. If you, DARK BLACK SKINNED WOMAN, dared to cross that line then you were either a prostitute or a no-good ... But, how wrong. I don't know what prompted me to be BOLD and to cross the line, I guess the beauty vanguards were not paying attention, but I did. I wanted red lips to go with a smoky eye. I went to the MAC counter and I asked for red lipstick, I probably whispered it, thinking that I looked foolish. I tried Ruby Woo and Russian Red. Both of them, I love and love. Also, let me say that if you are into pin-up looks, Ruby woo is that perfect matte red that you need for such a look. It definitely is a blue undertone lipstick that will compliment your dark skin in so many lovely ways. If you have never tried any red lipstick, please let Ruby Woo turn you from a red lipstick virgin into a red lip VIXEN. If you find that it is matte, you can apply a gloss over it. If you think i like it but, it's still to red, please use a darker lipliner, such as: vino, burgindy, or nightmoth by MAC.

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Paris I.

I have tons of Mac Lipsticks I honestly lost count!. I will be purchasing Mac Lipsticks until the Lipstick Gods call me to heaven. I have other great lipsticks, but Nothing can replace Mac. Mac delivers in the intense Pigmentation Department. They have such a broad variety of colors, textures, limited editions etc. I personally feel like Mac has a lipstick shade for every mood a woman can possibly be in. Besides the RIRI Collection Ruby Woo is my all time favorite (Matte Lipstick). Till this day It is the Perfect shade of red that complements your makeup/ look. Even on days I don't feel like putting on foundation/powder I put on some Ruby Woo and I'm ready to head out the door.

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Rajneet K.

YES!! Ruby Woo is the perfect red for every skin tone. Every time I wear Ruby Woo I have at least one person ask me what shade of red is that and what brand it is. It's my favourite lip colour by far.

Jen R.
Best red on the market

This is such a universal red and goes great many skin tones. I am very fair and love it pairing with a simple eye and some black winged eyeliner.

Tiara W.
Love it!!

This product last very very long! You almost never have to re-apply this lipstick! This is the perfect red color, if you're looking for the perfect red. I will defiantly repurchase this product again!

Melissa M.
The perfect red lipstick!

This is the ideal red lipstick. It's completely matte, vibrant, and stays well. I wear it to dance competitions, and it shows flawlessly on stage as well. My favorite part about this lipstick is that because it's so matte, it stays all day long. Sure, MAC is a bit pricey- but if you're looking for the perfect red lip for any look, it's worth investing in!

Fashion C.
Ruby Woo hands down BEST MATTE RED!!
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My go-to red. Very Old Hollywood Glamour. Classic! I have yet to find a better red shade. My husband loves this color on me too. The blue based red with its matte finish complements medium to tan skin tones. I'm a natural beige in foundation.

Vanessa B.
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Perfect. Stays on after swimming, drinking, kissing, you name it! Definition of matte. It tends to dry up your lips so make sure to put chapstick on before or to exfoliate. Xoxo

Whit H.
love it

tried it on at a Mac counter in Macy's. I had some Revlon gloss that I used for the red lip look without being too bold or dramatic. I wanted to try something that would stand out for when I go out with friends. This is perfect!