Jessy T.
Great Pigmentation
Jessy T.'s Review Image

Creamsheen is a great finish...but i think i found my new fav formula~~~Amplified~~~the colour pay off is great, and it is not as drying as i thought it might be...and this colour espeically is really good...great for everyday or a night out

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Brianna K.
People will be Chatting

I am in love with this shade of the Mac lipsticks. I am very picky about the correct shade for me and I found it with the Chatterbox. I wear this shade all the time. It is my go to lip product. It has great color, and texture. You will Love it too. ( I clicked a button below saying I got this item for free but that is not the case.. This is my first review and didn't mean to click it ) :)

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Molly O.
A great color for everyday

I was looking for a lipstick that I could wear everyday and that wold flatter my skin tone. The Max Factor lipstick that I usually wear was discontinued, so I had to find another lipstick that would work for an everyday look. "Chatterbox" by MAC is a great color for people that have olive or pink undertones to their skin. In order to get a natural pink pout , I apply "Chatterbox" to my lips and blot with a tissue. Since MAC lipsticks typically dry out my lips, I apply a bit of Vaseline to keeps my lips moisturized. I like that "Chatterbox" looks natural, but adds color to my face. I would recommend "Chatterbox" by MAC to those looking for a natural color that accentuates the fullness of ones lips and brings out ones skin tone. I love the color of Chatterbox, but it lacks the moisturizing properties that Prescriptives, Maybelline, and Max Factor lipsticks have. Although, MAC's lipstick is more expensive than drug store brands, it offers a complimentary look to those with olive skin. I would definitely buy Chatterbox again because it is a great lipstick for everyday wear.

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Breanna A.
Nice color, creamy, amazing

I got this as a gift from my cousin for my birthday. The color kind of freaked me out cause I'm medium skin tone and never wear lipstick. So I apply lip balm and dab this color over with a hint of peachy lip gloss and it's heaven! Super in love

Issamar S.

My take to go lipsie! Love it , it is a light coral pinkish, not strong. It is perfect for an everyday look. I absolutely love it and it's one of my favorites .

Desisis D.

Very moisturizing soft and silky beutiful pink color. stands out brightly but not scary bright 😳 just rich enough than any other pink😍 if you want to think pink, think chatterbox🙋 it's an unforgettable sweet color !

Marie B.

Chatterbox is one of my favorite lipsticks from MAC, it is a bright pink (typical Barbie pink) color. It is an Amplified, so it is very pigmented, but it doesn't dry out your lips (which other Amplified lipsticks from MAC tends to with my lips). I really like this, and I willl definitely repurchase this!

Maddi M.
A Fantastic Way To Brighten The Look!

I bought this lipstick in Chatterbox, and I was floored. To put it quite simply I didn't think that it would be that great. It was just another hot pink. I was so surprised when I saw that it made my teeth look whiter, and it is surprisingly unique! It helps to also make my teeth look a bunch lighter! It is fab! I love how it makes my look so fresh! All I need to go out for day is Mascara, Concealer, and This lipstick and I have a fabulous look to go out on the town in! I look fresh and awake! I cannot rave enough about this product! Totally check it out! :)

Maimoonah S.

So creamy and btw this is my first Mac lipstick! I will def buy this again and some other shades of course! It needs very few reapplications. But mine got smooshed in the car cuz it was so hot and I pressed too hard.😕

Aniko F.
Such a Gorge Pink!

I absolutely love this pink color! It is a amazing blue based pink. I always put this on when I am leaving the house no matte if I am heading to the market or out to the bar! Its great on an array of skin tones also!