Tinted Lipglass

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Alyssa P.
love my pink

this is a great lipgloss! i do find it goes on a little thick, but as long as i don't put too much on, i love the colour! it isn't too sticky either. the only critique is that it does give you that "inner lip white line" from it after a few hours, but many glosses do that,

Jacqueline A.
Been wearing this shade for 10 years...

This was the first ever Lipglass shade I bought, when I was 17 years old and can safely say that since then I have always had one in my collection. It is quite a pale pink which I like for the day time and work, but I also use it over lipstick, as my lips are quite dry. It has quite a pearlescent finish to it and as with all Lipglass glosses it stays on for ages and smells DELICIOUS!!

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