Holly M.
Lasts all Day!!

Love this liner. It goes on smooth and lasts all day. The purple color is not bright so it could be used everyday. I have hazelish eyes and I love wearing purple liners to make the green in my eyes come out. This does it.

Debbie A.
Line up!! Line up!!

Love this product! I've tried alternative products which have been inferior to Fluidline - I've found others have easily smudged and can highly recommend it! It complements my Savvylash eyelash separator perfectly!!

Stacey S.
You decide!

I was so scared of gel liner before I tried this product. I was only using eye shadow as liner but much to my demise it was not very long-lasting for a college girl going all day trying to look her best. I went to my MAC counter purchased this and fell in love. However, curiosity killed the cat, or curiosity killed my wallet...and I went ahead and purchased Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Liner and it was game over. I haven't switched since, however I still believe this is a great product. Here is the scoop MAC's costs 15 bucks, BB is 22 for the same amount of product. Personally for the lasting power of the product, I am on the same pot since June I would go with BB for the extra couple of dollars, however MAC is still a solid product.

Natasha R.

Got this as a Christmas gift in the eye collection this past year. I have tried to use it many of times with different shadows, creams, and pigments but for some reason it doesn't really work for me. I have tried different brushes as well and it does not transfer as smoothly as I want or as bright. Going to try it out again since it has been awhile.

Love the color, but the formula isnt working on me :(