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Lina K.

I was a little disappointed at first when I bought this, because I saw that it wasn't one hundred per cent black. Then I looked it up on the MAC website, and saw that this wasn't the black one, it was the gold/black one. It wasn't a big fault, and I still use it a lot. What I love so much about it, is that it stays on all day, and all night too if I'm lucky. I can hardly find a fault at all with this product, it stays on, I don't get these "dots" on my inner corners, and it makes any make up pop really good. The only thing that annoys me a bit, is that I find it really hard to put on. Maybe I have the wrong brush or something, but I can't seem put it on properly without failing a lot.

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Kim S.

I love this eyeliner...I apply with 2 MAC liner brushes and I've had this way over a year already and it still works. It became a little more dry but it still works the same...I use this and UD glider in zero. IDK if I will repurchase this because I don't use makeup as much anymore but I still have alot to last me so we'll see if I do repurchase in the future.

Olivia G.
First gel liner

As this is the first gel liner, and up until now the only one I ever bought, I can't compare it to any other brands, but all I have to say is that this is really good. I come from using liquid liners and the only one I actually liked was the L'oreal Super Liner in Carbon Black, which I still think is the one which lasts longer. The thing is gel liners are much easier to apply and you get a defined thin line (or thicker, of course, if you use different brushes). Anyway, the thing is you can actually manipulate the product in such an easy way and with the MAC one really lasts long!

Jessica H.

The best gel liner I've used to date. Stays on all day long and DOES NOT budge. It seems to make my falsies stay on better, too. When I wear them without the fluidliner, they seem to fall off sooner. Although MAC is more expensive, this is definitely one of those items I would say is a MUST HAVE!

Tiril S.
Extra ordinary cool color

The fluid lines from Mac has an easy-to-use formula, I could have been more liquid. Sadly it smudges a bit. The color I chose is glamour is and a bit ordinary. Love the colors!

Abbie  N.
Use it before it dries out.

This was my eye liner that I used religiously until I took a break from it to go back to the pencil, when I finally came back around to it, the surface was hard and dried up. It hadn't dried up previously because I was using it everyday and so when its not managed it goes dry. I'm not that gutted about it, but when its ok its really easy to use and stays on till the early morning. Shame mine has to go :(

Gina C.
Long-lasting gel liner with a rich finish

I love Blitz and Glitz and use it every single day. The eyeliner lasts all day long and goes on with a super even and rich finish. I use a thin MAC brush to help it go on along my lashline. The gel consistency helps it fill in the gaps between my lashes, too.

The reason I give it a 4 star is because I got the Silver and Macroviolet colors and the consistency of these is SO different from the black. It is almost too whipped and does NOT go on well with a brush. I'd stick with the black. It's better than the Bobbi Brown version.

Nadia Y.
Long Lasting and Dependable

I'm not a big fan of MAC products but I do occasionally dabble with some of their less skin compromising products. I do love this gel liner, the depth of the color with one stroke is amazingly rich. I agree that this liner does dry out quickly due to air exposure: Trick: Use Contact Lens Solution to your applicator and dip (not your spit or water). Saline Solution is sterile so you won't be putting yourself at risk of an eye infection. Just wet the brush slightly, shake off any excess and apply as normal!